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Machine learning in action

On last MeasureCamp #8 in London I’ve led session about ML:

Machine Learning in action. Advanced users segmentation using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and R.


Summary of workflow

  1. Prepare data collection
    1. Google Tag Manager
      1. dataLayer
      2. browser fingerprinting
  2. Data processing and aggregation
    1. Google Analytics
      1. Custom Dimensions
      2. Content Grouping
  3. Advanced data analysis
    1. R + Google Analytics API
    2. Unsupervised Learning – k-Means algorithm

Result – clustered users:




Slides from my session are now available on SlideShare:

R Code

You can find complete example on my GitHub repository


It was pleasure to speak for full room. I hope that this session provide some inspiration to new way of web traffic analysis 🙂